What’s Next?

It has been a few months since my trip to Salzburg, Austria.


At the first orientation meeting, one of the professor’s described the average GPA of the group. I remember looking around and thinking to myself, “What am I doing here?” On the Salzburg Scholar website, there are biographies of each of the previous scholars. I feel like I don’t measure up to the previous engineering students that have gone before me – and I am in graduate school! Yet, I made it. I can identify myself as a Salzburg Scholar, or Salzburg Fellow depending on who you ask.

My Expectation

My expectation of this trip was that it would be transformational. That this trip would impact me in the same way a month long family vacation to the Philippines rocked my world after my sophomore year of high school. I told my friends that when I come back, I will be a different person.

So the YoHo


I had not arranged to room with my peers when I got there. To be honest, planning for this trip was towards the bottom of a long spring semester to-do list. So when I entered the room at the YoHo, my reaction to finding out that I would be rooming with my female peers was, “the rooms are co-ed?” Ask them.


Aesthetics, or “I am here and you are not”

Yes, anywhere outside of home (Sacramento because home is where my parents live, but I live in Milpitas) is amazing and beautiful and picturesque. You could “lit’rally” look at a Salzburg picturebook in America and that is exactly what it would look like in Salzburg. (You should check out my Instagram and Facebook pictures. #theBayisintheArea, which I forgot to hashtag.)

DSCN0559 DSCN0561 DSCN0607 DSCN0702 DSCN0751 DSCN0768 DSCN0771 DSCN0911 

Seminar at the Schloss


I was overwhelmed with insight from the seminar speakers and students from around the nation. Some of the topics were “Mapping Ethnocentrism”, “Conversation on Global Citizenship”, and “Mapping Globalization.” What I can say about each session is that I wrote down a lot of questions and action items. There was a lot of amazing things to think about.

Students from Around the Nation

Chicago State University, Eastern Kentucky University, Houston Community College, San Diego Community College, and University of San Francisco were there.

Maker Movement

One of the speakers was an Indian woman teaching young Afghan girls in Afghanistan. As a Maker Corps Member for the summer (keyword search: Maker Faire, Maker Movement, Maker Education Initiative, The Tech Museum of Innovation, STEAM, DIY), I could not help to tell her to bring her students to Maker Faire Rome. To bring Making to her school. DSCN1222

Bonding happens outside of Requirements




At the end of every night, I would spend some time, looking across the lake in the direction of the Alps with the Schloss behind me, just soaking it all in.


Induction into High Society


The crowning moment of the seminar was the final night. Before dinner, we watched a solo piano performance by one of the students from the local university. Rondo alla Turca never gets old. Then after the performance we enjoyed a dinner that was served to us, the previous nights were buffet style. It was at the dinner where it hit me, I, we, have just been inducted into high society. We have reached an achievement that most folks won’t get, or would even think of.

I have only seen the Carrie Underwood version of The Sound of Music


Bringing the ideas of the Seminar Home (not just Sacramento), or Meeting Expectation

The trip was indeed transformational, but not in the same way that the trip to the Philippines was transformational. I knew that the trip was, to an extent, a bootcamp to become a change agent. To describe the trip in one word: Comfortable. I felt like I should have been there. That the conversations I had were the ones I should be having.

I look forward to this upcoming academic year of Salzburg activities. As President Josiah Bartlet from NBC’s The West Wing says, “What’s next?”


My experience at the GCP in Salzburg was remarkable, to say the least, and will be an enduring memory.

I landed in Munich the night before the program, and my luggage was lost. After a very stressful night and morning spent in the airport, I arrived at the Schloss and all worry left me. The beauty was unparalleled and I was overtaken by awe. How could anyone care about missing clothes in such an enchanting pocket of the world?

The week seemed to come to an end much too soon, yet it could have been a month and still would have been too soon. The lectures given were provocative and left me with more to think about each time. Friendships were formed among students from other schools, and being in such a lovely place with so many individuals with similar aims led to easy creation of bonds and effortless communication not only socially but also in our work groups.


Describing this experience is more difficult than one would think, perhaps because words can’t seem to capture what we each underwent. The beauty of the surroundings, the profound knowledge gained through the lectures, the bonds formed with other students, the kindness of the faculty, and simply the marvelous fact that you are really there in middle of it all.

When words fail, images tend to suffice. Inderpal included some incredible pictures in her post, my own photos don’t really compare, so I will add just a few.

gcp 20140602_192911 20140604_154412 20140609_102325


-Hillary Schauf

12 Days in Europe, Lifelong Memories

Being in Salzburg, Austria was a bit surreal. Even on the third day at the Schloss, when one of my fellow scholars asked what I thought about everything, I turned to her and said “I honestly still cannot believe we are here.” I am so incredibly thankful for my experiences at the Schloss Leopoldskron.

12 days in Europe does not sound like a long time, but I am amazed at how much we did! 

A few of the other scholars and I started our adventures in Munich, Germany. We were there for two days before heading to Salzburg. It felt like we were there for a week. We visited a couple of museums, climbed a 15 story tower, went to the English Gardens, and enjoyed German food, among other things. We also walked, a lot. I believe our pedometers counted over 27,000 steps, about 10 miles (in one day). Munich was lovely, but I was very excited to go to Salzburg! 

The English Gardens, a gorgeous park to walk through. We even saw some locals surfing in the river! 
Salzburg is a beautiful city, from the architecture to the Salzach, to the view of the fortress from every angle. We had a great time in the two days before GCP 63 began. 
June 1st was a great day. We went on the Sound of Music tour, which showed us some amazing views of Salzburg and neighboring cities that were included in the movie. 
Views from on top of a hill outside of Salzburg. Postcard perfect. We were very close to the edge; we had to be very careful while taking our pictures!
We also hiked up the Hohensalzburg Castle on this day. We ended up taking the long way up, it took us about 1 1/2 to 2 hours to get up to the fortress. It also took us a bit longer because my knee locked up (thank you again to Debby Ng for walking the speed of a snail with me!). 
The views of Salzburg from the castle were beautiful. The lack of pollution was quite a treat!
After coming down from the castle (we decided to take the tram down), we walked around the streets a bit. That night, we met up with most of the scholars for dinner, which we had near Mozart’s birthplace. 
We arrived at the Schloss Leopoldskron on June 2nd. Here is a picture of me in one of my favorite places at the Schloss, the swing! Thank you Hillary Schauf for taking this picture (and for taking most of the pictures of me at the Schloss). 🙂 
At the final banquet. From left to right: Jessica Massie, myself, and Hillary Schauf. Love these ladies! Because the weather was so nice, we were lucky enough to have our banquet outside!
We were quite pampered in our week at the Schloss. It was such a privilege to be there and take part of the conversations and discussions at that magical place. The lectures we heard were some of the best I have ever attended. I am so thankful for the people I met and the connections I made. I miss the people I got to know; it felt like we had known each other for much longer than we did. I cherished the moments we were able to spend together, even though they were so short. I felt myself growing as an individual while we were still there. I have always been shy, but I surprised myself by how easily I talked to others. As I continue to grow, I remember what I learned in Salzburg and am so thankful to all of the faculty, staff, advisors, and of course the scholars. Danke, for such an incredible experience, and for making my 12 days in Europe so memorable and beautiful!

Thoughts from Places: Salzburg 2014 GCP


Photo Credit: Debby Ng

Days 1 and 2 (+ the four days in Munich)

11 hours on an airplane across the Atlantic.

7 days removed from the San Francisco Bay.

6 Universities and Higher Education intuitions.

3 trips to the dessert table during dinner.

1 Schloss Leopoldskron

Innumerable amounts of memories, scenic views, and intellectually engaging conversations with friends, faculty and colleagues

I have a feeling that these two weeks in Europe are going to teach me things that 14+ years of formal education never could. But that’s the goal of going abroad, right? This isn’t an attack against the brick and mortar of classroom education, but rather a celebration of all that this whole experience can bring. 6 days doesn’t sound like a lot of time, but I’ve learned so much.

First things first: beer is cheaper than water in (Europe) Munich.

^ That is just one of many pro-tips I have to offer

Secondly, beauty can be found at nearly every turn of the head. And we are talking about all kinds of beauty here: from the old world charm of the city of Salzburg, with it’s cobbled streets and lush green fields set before the snow-covered peaks of the Alps, to the bustling city life of Munich.

But besides the touring, sightseeing, coffee breaks, beer and alcohol combos, lack of sleep, dehydration, late nights, long talks, sore feet, laughs, packing, re-packing, searches for Wi-Fi, and general sense of being in a completely foreign place, we 14 Salzburg Scholars were here for one sole purpose: to attend the 63rd Global Citizenship Program (GCP) hosted by the Salzburg Global Seminar.

Preface / Plug for Salzburg: world-class thinkers, educators, and world-changers lead GCP. The program is extremely well coordinated and the Schloss Leopoldskron provides everything from regal room accommodations, umbrellas and bikes for guests to freely use, and five course spreads that satisfy the hunger pangs of any student.

Finally, I’d like to share some thoughts about the subject of Global Citizenship and some of the ideas that have been floating around in my head since starting on Monday.

I believe that Global Citizenship starts from within the individual. A Global Citizen must look critically at how he/she functions within such systems as family, local community, society, and the world. This type of reflection is described as “mental mapping”. When one has this map, it is easier to be oriented in a world that is increasingly globalizing, and will better aid in the recognition of differences between cultures with greater sensitivity and awareness.

There is so much in store and I can’t wait to finish out the rest of this trip. See you soon!


– Matt

The First Annual SJSU Cultural Showcase ~ Yes, We Can!

April 17, 2014 is already more than a month behind us, but for those of us who worked on the First Annual Cultural Showcase, the memories of all of our hard work and the final results are still fresh in our minds. This experience has been a source of continued inspiration. It demonstrated what a few creative Salzburg Scholars with a passion for change and the drive to work hard can accomplish.


Cultural Showcase Flier, by Nichole Yang and Jonathan Perez

Conceived last fall by Erin Enguero, the Cultural Showcase was meant to be a student-run event that would celebrate and highlight the rich cultural and global diversity of SJSU. Several fellow Salzburg Scholars became excited to work with Erin on her project and promote global citizenship through an educational and fun concert. We’re proud to say that we ended up creating a truly special event for our learning community. While planned long before the hate crime that shook our campus last fall, for many of us, the showcase became a way to show solidarity and respond to such hatred with love for all cultures at SJSU. It was a way for our campus community to come together and share with one another. The energy in the room the day of the show was exhilarating!

This project consisted of three parts: 1) Planning the Event and jumping through all the necessary SJSU bureaucratic hoops to make it happen, 2) Hosting the event, and 3) Documenting our efforts so that the event could continue without us and that other Salzburg Scholars and SJSU students could have a road map for how to organize a similar event.

1) Planning the event

The First Annual Cultural Showcase involved a lot of planning. Meetings began in the fall and kicked into high gear over winter break and throughout the Spring 2014 semester.


Dress Rehearsal: Erin Enguero hard at work, Laura Hart’s Prezi presentation on the screen, and Kris Delacruz rehearsing a Pilipino Vocal!

Erin was an incredible leader! She researched and managed all aspects of this project, including all necessary forms and permissions, how to find and reach out to performers, how to obtain funding, how to structure a budget, how to book a venue, how to schedule a dress rehearsal, what food options were available, how to post the event on the SJSU website, how to put together the script, what we needed to have in the presentation, how to organize sound check, what music to play during intermission, what clubs focused on culture could table at the back of the ballroom, and so much more. She has got the skills of a future CEO or an Executive Director of a non-profit!

In late fall and early winter, some other folks came on board to help Erin make things happen: Mary Okin, Sophie Powers (2012 Salzburg Scholar), Jonathan Perez, Laura Hart, Nichole Yang, and Sophia Guttierez. These incredible scholars formed the core team of the Cultural Showcase and each managed a significant portion of what needed to get done:

Mary Okin– Managed food (which ended up being SJSU’s Street Eats serving delicious fusion tacos!), conducted final push public relations to various classes, college deans, senior administration, and news outlets (we made it to the front page of the SJSU website and in the Mercury News), recruited and managed volunteers, and pitched in where needed.

Sophie Powers– Managed performances back stage on the day of the show, helped recruit and manage volunteers, and filled in like a rock star  wherever she was needed!

Jonathan Perez– Managed the budget and printing, which included banners, posters, and hundreds of fliers, helped to coordinate club tabling at the back of the ballroom, helped with publicity, and pitched in where needed.


Jonathan Perez with Jonathan from Events Services in the background, helping prep the ballroom!

Laura Hart– Designed a beautiful and interactive Prezi Presentation that introduced and described our performers and their culture in an engaging way!


Laura Hart, finalizing the Prezi at the Dress Rehearsal!

Sophia Guttierez– Helped with the publicity campaign and organized the Cultural Showcase postcard exhibit and raffle, which created a fun way for people to engage with how others view culture before the show and during intermission!


Sophia Guttierez, at the Dress Rehearsal!

Nichole Yang– Served as the Creative Director of fliers, posters, and the Cultural Showcase program by creating images and text that truly represented what our event was all about, helped out with publicity, led Cultural Showcase interviews, and pitched in wherever needed!

Between the six of us, we split the work and helped to make Erin’s idea a reality!

The Dress Rehearsal!

Here we go! It’s really going to happen!


Dress Rehearsal, table read of the script. Left to right around the table: Erin Enguero and Avesta Sabetien (our host and our Master of Ceremonies), Jonathan Perez, Arianna Gibbs rehearsing  (in the distance), Carmel Weiler (2012 Salzburg Scholar), Nichole Yang, Mary Okin, and Sophia Guttierez. (photo credit to Andy Dang)

After meetings, planning, and all of the bureaucratic hoops, we were finally in the ballroom where the event would take place. To set the mood, Erin played a mix of music compiled by Dr. Brad Stone (Salzburg Fellow), which represented every culture in the Showcase and also played during intermission the day of the Showcase! Getting in the mood, a bunch of us sat around filling out postcards for Sophia’s postcard exhibit and waited to see what the performances would be like. It was a chance for many of us to reunite, work together, and have some fun! In addition to the core team, we had Andy Dang helping out! Erin was meeting with folks that run the ballroom, checking in with everyone, and generally making things happen. Avesta Sabetien, our awesome MC, was in the house as well!


Avesta Sabetien and his MC charm, with performers at the table and Laura Hart’s Prezi up and running! (photo credit to Andy Dang)

The performances were incredible! We were already excited about the event being a go, but seeing the amazing line up that Erin had secured was really, really inspiring.

Documenting everything and preparing for the live show staging were Codi Mills – photographer extraordinaire – and her partner in crime, April DeOliviera.


Codi Mills, lead photographer: Making it happen at the Dress Rehearsal!!!

In addition to rehearsals, Akos Meggyes (2012 Salzburg Scholar) was on site checking out the venue and starting to film the Cultural Showcase documentary! After dress rehearsals began, Mary and Nichole stepped into the halls of the Student Union to interview our performers. Learning about everyone’s culture and what they wanted to convey about their culture to the SJSU community was inspirational.


Mary and Akos interviewing the Eritrean Student Association, the final performer interview of the night!

Sitting in the hall was Carmel Weiler (2012 Salzburg Scholar). A brief conversation between Carmel and Sophia Guttierez lead to the idea of turning the postcard exhibit into a scavenger hunt raffle! Altogether the Cultural Showcase became a massive, collaborative effort!


Hard At Work On Those Postcards! Around the table from the left: Arianna Gibbs (our Modern Ballet dancer), Nichole Yang, Mary Okin, members of the Chinese Student Association, and Jonathan Perez. (photo credit to Andy Dang)

Between Rehearsals and April 17th!

Now it was time for the big push! Nichole put the finishing touches on the fliers and Jonathan printed more than 1,000! Every core team member was responsible for advertising the heck out of this thing; the Facebook campaign was just beginning. Mary visited all the Humanities Honors classes, college deans, and senior administration. She even got a referral to the head of SJSU publicity from the Presidential Aide, which landed our event on the SJSU homepage under the heading “Bright Ideas” with an article called “‘Cultural Showcase’ Displays Diversity“! Two colleges blogged about the event, and the San Jose Mercury News mentioned us!

“I was surprised. I thought it was going to be a lecture! Instead it was an awesome concert!!!”             ~ Cultural Showcase Volunteer

“I really liked that it was a student-run event. It felt more fun!” ~ Cultural Showcase Volunteer

That week, Sophie and Mary visited Jessy Goodman’s globally-themed English 1A class, another 2013-2014 Salzburg Project! Jessy’s students were getting extra credit to volunteer and to learn about culture and service at SJSU. In interviewing them later, we learned that for many of these first year students the Cultural Showcase became a meaningful and inspirational event. Other core team members were hard at work too! Sophia was busy promoting the postcard exhibit and collecting the piles of postcards coming in. Laura was finishing up the Prezi and Avesta was practicing the script. Everyone was posting the event on Facebook and promoting it to all of their classes.

Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 2.31.22 AM

The Facebook Campaign! More than 104 Facebook friends came, but a grand total of 300+ attendees showed up!!

The day before was particularly hectic. Nichole and Mary somehow managed to crank out a program brochure and poster redesigns in under 3 hours, with the kind help of the A. S. Print Shop staff. Sophie stayed up well into the morning reaching out to volunteers.

Throughout all of the madness, Erin was orchestrating everything behind the scenes, in addition to meeting with performers.

It was all a bit crazy, but tons of fun! The big day was almost here! 🙂

         Poster outside               posters INSIDE

2014 Cultural Showcase Posters!

2) Hosting the Event – April 17, 2014- The Big Day!

Finally, it had arrived! For the past week, things had really kicked into high gear and for those of us pushing to make the Cultural Showcase happen, the arrival of April 17th was a bit surreal. Mary and Sophie had stayed up late the night before finalizing volunteer positions and Erin had been rehearsing how everything was going to go. Mary picked up print shop items and headed to the Student Union to set up shop and rig two giant posters with the help of Andy and another volunteer!


Andy Dang with one of our volunteers. How do you rig a 6 foot poster to an easel? Rummage trip to the Spartan Bookstore + scissors, tape, and a can-do attitude!

The ballroom opened earlier than expected and another club kindly donated food and drinks! We were off and running! Sophie Powers was on sound check and backstage management, Mary was managing volunteers and helping to set up, Erin and Avesta were practicing the script, Sophia was setting up the postcard exhibit and raffle, Andy was helping out everywhere that he was needed, and Jonathan was setting up the Salzburg booth. Volunteers were posted at the doors, working as runners, inviting people to the Showcase outside the Student Union, and checking in performers.


Outside the Student Union ballroom just before doors open! (photo credit to Codi Mills, Brody Kaplan and April DeOliveira)

Some other 2013 Salzburg Scholars were helping out too! Joey Ruth and Skylar Lewandowski held down the fort at the check in table, Jess Sandoval, Megan Leckie, and Paolo Listana helped to interview guests, and Carmel Weiler delivered much needed bottled water. Some 2014 Scholars came out to volunteer and support the showcase too! 🙂

As guests started to fill the hallway you could hear the energy buzzing. The volunteers were rushing to do last minute tasks and taking their seats, folks were checking in, Nichole’s beautiful programs were being handed out, Laura’s Prezi was up and running, and the ballroom was about to open. Shortly after that, the Showcase began with a giant hip-hop bang, and a roar of enthusiastic applause!!!


Erin Enguero introducing the show (photo credit to Codi Mills, Brody Kaplan and April DeOliveira)


The Hip Hop Club opened up the show with a bang and the audience went wild! (photo credit to Codi Mills, Brody Kaplan and April DeOliveira)


Pride of the Pacific Islands moving their hips and making everyone smile! (photo credit to Codi Mills, Brody Kaplan and April DeOliveira)


Spartan Mambo Salsa Team brought some heat! (photo credit to Codi Mills, Brody Kaplan and April DeOliveira)


Grupo Folklórico Luna y Sol did a Mexican dance that was originally from Poland for a truly global performance for our audience!  (photo credit to Codi Mills, Brody Kaplan and April DeOliveira)


Eritrean Student Association made everybody smile! (photo credit to Codi Mills, Brody Kaplan and April DeOliveira)

During Intermission our audience filled the back of the ballroom to check out the club booths, walked downstairs for some delicious fusion tacos by SJSU Street Eats, and filled out their raffle ticket by playing the Cultural Showcase Postcard Gallery scavenger hunt!


Guests checking out the Postcard Exhibit! (photo credit to Codi Mills, Brody Kaplan and April DeOliveira)


Cultural Showcase Scavenger Hunt in action! (photo credit to Codi Mills, Brody Kaplan and April DeOliveira)


Global Student Network and International House tabling at the back of the Student Union Ballroom. Waving to you is Schehrbano Khan a 2012 Salzburg Scholar (photo credit to Codi Mills, Brody Kaplan and April DeOliveira)

After intermission was over, Dr. Reckmeyer, Director of the SJSU Salzburg Program, said a few words about the Salzburg Program and its value to SJSU, after which he and his wife Joanie selected our raffle prize winners.


Dr. William Reckmeyer presenting the SJSU Salzburg Program to our audience (photo credit to Codi Mills, Brody Kaplan and April DeOliveira)


Our charming Master of Ceremonies, Avesta Sabetien, introducing the next act! (photo credit to Codi Mills, Brody Kaplan and April DeOliveira)

Whereas many folks who RSVP-ed stated that they could only stay for part of the first act, the majority of our guests were having such a great time that they remained for the second half of the show. And boy was it worth their while!


Gayatri Venkatesan lit up the stage and our hearts with German opera! (photo credit to Codi Mills, Brody Kaplan and April DeOliveira


Ariana Gibbs performing a spellbinding contemporary ballet solo! (photo credit to Codi Mills, Brody Kaplan and April DeOliveira)


Kris Delacruz crooning Pilipino vocals to a packed house! (photo credit to Codi Mills, Brody Kaplan and April DeOliveira)


Spartan Wushu performed incredible martial arts and even brought swords to the stage! Here is a closeup of   Brandon Vasquez in action! (photo credit to Codi Mills, Brody Kaplan and April DeOliveira)


Chinese Student Association gave a colorful, unforgettable performance!  (photo credit to Codi Mills, Brody Kaplan and April DeOliveira)


 Jessica Massie, Gayatri Venkatesan, and Anne Marie Angles closed the show with an original arrangement incorporating music from every culture presented at the First Annual SJSU Cultural Showcase! (photo credit to Codi Mills, Brody Kaplan and April DeOliveira)


Salzburg Scholars and SJSU Cultural Showcase Performers preparing for the final bow. Front and center with the her hand raised is Sophie Powers, our formidable backstage manager! (photo credit to Codi Mills, Brody Kaplan and April DeOliveira)

These are just a few of the highlights from that night. There were so many others. Altogether, it was a magical night that many of us will remember forever!

3) Documenting the Event

There are two parts to the documentation of this event. One is assembling a database, procedure documents, and contact lists for working on the event in the future, which is already beginning to take place for the Second Annual Cultural Showcase in 2015!


Behind the Scenes! (photo credit to Codi Mills, Brody Kaplan and April DeOliveira)

The second part is a documentary, which we began filming during dress rehearsal, continued to film the night of the showcase (using more than 7 cameras and even a crane ~ go Akos!) capturing all performances and interviews with guests, and finished filming with follow up interviews with folks of interest, including Jessy Goodman’s English 1A students who made up the bulk of our volunteers. The Cultural Showcase documentary interviews were fascinating. People were incredibly generous in sharing their ideas about culture and cultural exchange. Since this was an unusually well-put-together showcase, a lot of folks in attendance were surprised and impressed by the event, including the Director of the SJSU Salzburg Program, two deans in attendance, the head of MOSAIC, faculty, students, and outside community members!


Our audience having fun: left to right: Dr. William Reckmeyer and his wife Joanie Reckmeyer in their Salzburg best, Dr. Cynthia Rostankowski (2010 Salzburg Fellow), Hyon-Chu Baker (Director of MOSAIC at SJSU), and Erin Enguero and family (photo credit to Codi Mills, Brody Kaplan and April DeOliveira)

Our favorite form of surprise was when students assigned to attend realized “showcase” meant a concert and not a lecture! Needless to say they were a little too happy! 🙂 Many of the volunteers were grateful for their experience and expressed interest in volunteering again next year. For the 2013 Salzburg Scholars, this event stirred memories of being back at Schloss Leopoldskron, forming a community, and sharing ideas in a collaborative and joyful way.


Jess Sandoval one of our Cultural Showcase interviewers holding a packet of photo release forms! (photo credit to Codi Mills, Brody Kaplan and April DeOliveira)

The Cultural Showcase documentary is being edited this summer and should be available next year. Procedures are also being finalized, and meetings are being scheduled for later in the summer, in order to begin the work necessary to make the 2015 Cultural Showcase an even bigger and better event! As the new 2014 Salzburg Scholars head to Salzburg, we hope that some of them will come back from Europe and pick up the Cultural Showcase baton! We can’t wait to showcase and celebrate more of our global community at SJSU next year!!!


From the bottom of our hearts, the 2013 Salzburg Scholars thank everyone who helped make this event happen!!!!!  In the back row: “The Wolf Pack” consisting of Paolo Listana, Andy Dang, Joey Ruth, Avesta Sabetien, and Jonathan Perez. In the front row, the ladies: Jess Sandoval, Laura Hart, Skylar Lewandowski, Erin Enguero (in the pretty blue dress!), Nichole Yang, Jessy Goodman, Megan Leckie, Sophia Guttierez, Mary Okin, and Codi Mills.