Planes, trains, and automobiles

As you may know, the Salzburg students arrived at SFO at 5:45 am on Thursday in a start to a very long journey. The flight to Pennsylvania took 6 hours with some weather condition delays. After about 2-3 hours in the terminal we took off on another 8 and a half hour flight to Munich ( danke to the person who decided mini TVs on international flights should happen). Once everyone got their luggage, we took a 45 minute bus ride to the train station and just barely caught the 2 hour train to Salzburg, where we walked several blocks to the YoHo hostel. Why have I been so careful to mention the time? Because the Salzburg students and Professor Rostankowski managed to travel for approximately 24-straight and everyone managed to keep their wits, sense of humor, and sense of adventure. Granted sleep never felt so good, but we made it here just a little more bonded than before. We are now all checked into the beautiful Schloss and after a brief introduction to ethnocentrism earlier this evening, we will officially begin our sessions tomorrow after lunch.

More to come as time goes on,
Carissa Labriola
(Note: this post saved as a draft instead of posting, so never late than never!)


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