Meeting room where all lectures and plenary discussions are held.

This trip thus far can be described as being a lot of “good”: good people, good food, and good discussion! We are here not only with fellow SJSU students and faculty, but individuals from San Francisco, San Diego, Texas, Louisiana, and Florida. The perspectives are diverse and delivered in charming accents, making intellectual conversation all the more fun with some Southern sass! When I came to Austria I did not expect that I would be appreciating  Cajin accents, but life is full of surprises! The format of the sessions so far has been to receive a lecture from one of the accomplished professors in topics from conflict analysis to the rest of the world’s view of the USA and why we should care. After coffee (too delicious to be fair), we have a plenary discussion on the provided topic, asking questions and sharing observations. In the afternoons, we have been meeting in seven small groups to allow the contemplating introverts a better outlet to share their thoughts as well as to formulate presentations of what we believe to be the take home message of the seminar. These ten minute projects can be presented in any sort of medium, so my group has chosen a prezi (I  will share the completed presentation if all group members give permission on Friday). Though I am no stranger to the humanitarian view of the ideal global citizen, I still find there is always more to learn and the Salzburg Scholar seminar has not disappointed. We have met staff that have faced hardships and assisted in serious global issues by understanding culture and maintaining a respectful relationship for others. I have decided I officially have a phrase-crush on the phrase “doing good badly,” which is to say throwing money at a situation and getting nothing done. A classic example is when someone tries to fix illiteracy by buying hundreds of books for an illiterate community… They now have more words they still can’t read! It inspires me to do the proper research so that I can be effective in my goals, whether they be in cross-cultural communication or trying to alleviate suffering for a community. Tomorrow is the Dachau visit so expect some sort of reflection tomorrow afternoon, California time. Have a great night all,



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