My experience at the GCP in Salzburg was remarkable, to say the least, and will be an enduring memory.

I landed in Munich the night before the program, and my luggage was lost. After a very stressful night and morning spent in the airport, I arrived at the Schloss and all worry left me. The beauty was unparalleled and I was overtaken by awe. How could anyone care about missing clothes in such an enchanting pocket of the world?

The week seemed to come to an end much too soon, yet it could have been a month and still would have been too soon. The lectures given were provocative and left me with more to think about each time. Friendships were formed among students from other schools, and being in such a lovely place with so many individuals with similar aims led to easy creation of bonds and effortless communication not only socially but also in our work groups.


Describing this experience is more difficult than one would think, perhaps because words can’t seem to capture what we each underwent. The beauty of the surroundings, the profound knowledge gained through the lectures, the bonds formed with other students, the kindness of the faculty, and simply the marvelous fact that you are really there in middle of it all.

When words fail, images tend to suffice. Inderpal included some incredible pictures in her post, my own photos don’t really compare, so I will add just a few.

gcp 20140602_192911 20140604_154412 20140609_102325


-Hillary Schauf


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